Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Friend Loves You

Today's card features Harper, one of the newest stamps in my shop.  I was trying something new here that sort of worked, but also kind of didn't work in my opinion. 

I've been on a Distress Marker kick lately.  I generally don't use Distress Markers on digistamps, because my printer won't run through watercolor paper, and regular card stock takes forever to color with Distress Markers, because you can't get the paper very wet.  I found a trick to get a digistamp printed onto watercolor paper, though, using Post It tape to hold a small piece of watercolor paper onto a regular size piece of type paper.  So I tried it.  It worked, however, the lines were not very clean due to the texture of the paper.  I touched up around the eyes with a black pen, and left the rest as is.  It's one of those things that I think looks worse to me than it would to the person receiving the card, but I wanted to note that it is a possibility to those who might try this.

I will definitely try this again, but I think I'll stick to a no-line style coloring, so the gaps are a bit less noticeable.